About Us

We met our first Skye Terrier quite by accident in the early 1980's.  It was the serendipitous occasion of reading an announcement in a local newspaper of an all-breed dog show that was being held that day.  As dog lovers (at least one of us was), we were ecstatic.  We went, we saw, we fell in love at first sight.  The rest, as they say…  Several years later we acquired a puppy bitch, strictly as a pet.  We were encouraged (coerced?!) into learning how to show her, and quickly became convinced (again at least one of us), that we had found the activity that we had always been looking for.

Over the years of involvement in showing, we've experienced the normal highs and lows, met some really neat people, and honed our knowledge about this breed that we can’t live without.  We have broadened our activities to include, besides showing in the breed ring, involvement with obedience and agility.  Our Skyes enjoy the challenges of learning new activities and going new places.  We find it to be true that Skyes “just want to hang out with you,” as we are fond of saying.  If that hanging out includes showing off in the breed ring, an obedience trial, a nursing home visit, or just a walk downtown, that’s all fine with them, and us, because we want to hang out with them.

We’ve done limited breeding for a number of reasons. Through experience and careful study we have developed a mental picture of what our ideal Skye is, and have tried to breed to that vision.  The Skye world is small in number, and large in geography, so matching the right dogs can be a challenge.  Dogs of our breeding have done well in the show ring, including more than a few placements in terrier groups and awards of merit, as well as a national specialty BOB win.  In addition to breed championships, the dogs who live with us have obtained their CD or CDX in obedience, as well as a CGC or TDI.  Titles aside, what is most important to us is that all of our dogs live in homes where they are essential members of the family.  Some live with single or retired folks, some with people who have children, as well as other pets.  They live in large cities, or as country dogs.  Some are involved with structured activities, such as dog shows and trials.  Others live perhaps more indulgent lives as someone’s bedmate and the center of their universe.  Regardless of where or who they live with, we're comforted to know that they are all well-loved and cherished.

We're members of The Skye Terrier Club of America, The Skye Terrier Club (Great Britain), Therapy Dogs International, and The Piscataqua Obedience Club.  We love sharing information about dogs in general and Skyes in particular.  While we wouldn't want to be without them, Skyes, like all breeds of dogs, are not appropriate for everyone.  Anyone who is interested in learning about Skyes is invited to contact us.  We welcome newcomers to our Heavenly breed, whether they live with a Skye or just wish they did.